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We do it for the art baby!

...and the erm.. money..

sell it baby!
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this is to sell art - art comes in many forms:

- painting
- sculptures
- fashion
- music
- layout design
- icons


so if you wanna buy someones work or you want to make some spare cash - this is for you.

or if you just like browsing for ideas - this is for you too

or if theres some idea that you just have to share - share it here


bear in mind - your art should be reasonably priced - no one will buy it if its like £100 - $100.
determine the price by how much work you put into it and how much the resources cost.

- sell off your work that you are doing in studies
- sell off your crazy customisations (that you can't bring yourself to wear :P)
- sell stencils, tools, ideas....?

* follow the lj rules :P
* no flaming
* all big pictures in lj-cut
* your body is not art - don't try to sell it. (however photography and nudity are not banned as you should express your creativity - if you feel the need please do it tastefully and use an lj-cut. any porn will be deleted)

you can also use this icon to advertise us!

cha_mel_eon xx